Brown Jackets and Puppy Dogs

                      Jacket- Mr.Price/ Jeans - Edgars/ Boots- Woolworths / Bag- Louis Vuitton/

I love how this jacket has different shades of brown, the buttons especially are a warm chocolate brown that compliment the lighter shade of the jacket perfectly! And I have to say that these are one of my favourite pairs of boots, not only are they so versatile with their colour, but they are super comfortable too!

My two puppies decided to join in on the fun whilst taking photos, can you believe they are only nine months old? They are so adorable :)

                                                    Rings- Black ring- Woolworths/ Gold angel wings- Sass Diva

I found this black faceted ring the other day and fell in love with it! The cut is so beautiful, don't you think? The other one is also lovely, I love to wear this one in particular, in summer.

And finally my 'baby', my Louis Vuitton speedy, I love how this bag looks so small, yet can hold so much. And of course I love how it can be worn with almost everything :)

Have a lovely week everyone!!


  1. You look fab!!! you have such a pretty face!! I loved your boots and the whole outfit, makes me wanna crave for a little of winter and cold. enjoyed the pictures with your puppies! xx

  2. Hi Martina:) Thank you so much for the comment! Even though I love the coats for winter, I'm craving for some sun:) i love the shorts and bag in your last post! So stunning!


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