Red Knit Jersey

Red knit jersey- Hang Ten/ Bag- Gap/ Boots- Hunter

This jersey always makes me feel cheerful, for some unknown reason. Perhaps it's the colours, or the warm knit, or maybe even the pattern? Yesterday was somewhat warmer so I managed to get away with wearing this jersey even though it's slightly cropped, but I bought a jacket along just in case it got cooler. 
I'm wearing my lovely Hunter boots, the red surrounding the 'Hunter' sign went perfectly with the red colour of my jersey. 

This bracelet I recently bought was made to support putting an end to Rhino poaching! I'm strongly behind it, so I thought it fitting to wear with this outfit! 

And here's a picture of my mom, I thought she looked amazing with her coat- (which is reversible and can be worn two ways) and her snakeskin Hunter boots. 

Have a lovely week everyone!! 


  1. I want hunter boots :(

    ¡Besitos fashionsitas!

  2. really cute red jumper! i love the look and all the hunters! xxx

  3. first off! Great outfit :)
    secondly! WHERE in SA did you get your HUNTERS? I'm searching high and low here in Durban and it's such a FAIL!



  4. Thank you all sooo much!! :)

    @ Nasrin, thank you, I found them at Nicci Boutique! They're stunning, and so comfy :)



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