Black is the

Top- Sissy boy/ Jeans- Edgars/ Pumps- Mr.P/ Bag- Louis Vuitton

Today was a simple outfit day, do you ever have those days where you grab the nearest thing, and quite like the look you've put together? I wore a simple black pair of skinny jeans with my Sissy Boy ruffle top and Louis Vuitton bag. Simple but comfortable! 

I like the pop of colour with the bow in the top. It's such a lovely coral colour!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!! 


  1. Totally agree :) Simple, but you look beautiful!


  2. Love the Louie! I have been wanting a white one for awhile day I'll splurge! :)

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  3. Very pretty... Love how simple but classy black looks!

  4. Great pictures!
    This is really cute!! And I love your bag

  5. I do love those days very much! Unfortunately normally it's the opposite for me, where I end up trying on a zillion things to get the right combination!


  6. You look so very sophisticated.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    melbourne: bows and zara

  7. I like your LV bag! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog!


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