Spring Day

Yesterday was Spring day, and the sun happened to shine quite fittingly in these photo's...so excuse the extremely funny halo of hair around my head haha:) I love this dress mainly because of the colours and the fit, but also because it has a certain vintage feel to it! And the shoes seemed to match it perfectly. I also wore it with my lovely brown bag and longer length cardigan.

I'm in love with colours and the lace details of this dress!!

Rings- Sass Diva

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!


  1. really cute dress! i love the pattern :) my favourite thing is your rings though, they're gorgeous! xxx


  2. AS always your outfit is too pretty for words..

    However what caught my eye was that awesome key ring. Where might one get one :P


  3. The colours on your dress are really something- and so autumn-ish as well! The key ring is beautiful, very unique. I can very much picture myself wearing one ;)

  4. that dress is so adorable! it looks perfect paired with the long cardigan.

  5. I like so much this blog. If you can check out mine please.


  6. thx for your comment babe, hope to finish the thesis soon!

    Love the dress, so cute! x

  7. I have a lot of love for this outfit. It's positively dainty.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    leather shorts and blue houses

  8. That dress is really cute! The whole outfit has a sweet fall feel to it. I love the shoes and the ring, they are GREAT details!

  9. so cute
    love the dress and you look beautiful!


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