Nail Delights

Essence- Found my Love/ Rimmel- Pink of Me/ Revlon- Beach/ Rimmel-Disco Ball/  Revlon- Sublime Strawberry

When it comes to my nails, I have to admit I have a bit of an addiction to nail polish. I can barely walk out of a make up store without picking out a new colour ... or two hehe:) And I'm partial to all different colours whether it be a pastel or bright funky ones like the gorgeous one I'm wearing now: Sublime Strawberry, I love the colour and the fact that it smells like strawberry's is an added bonus!!

I came across this funky green polish from Revlon, which I've yet to try. But the fact that its fragrance smells like a beach instantly drew me to it, and the Rimmel Disco Ball looked great too!

Have a lovely week everyone!!


  1. Ooooh I must try this :)

  2. love your nails! :)


  3. Scented Nail Polish- very cool.
    That pink is so pretty on your nails.
    I am still loving coral shades...


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