Week In Pictures

This week has been so exciting, what with the new Zara store opening in Sandton City, and the launch of the new Mr.Price store as well.  Both of which left me speechless, the gorgeous clothes are amazing and the space and whole feel of the store was lovely too!! So it was inevitable that we would leave with something beautiful from the shops, and it did not disappoint!! But first, some pics that I managed to snap with my phone, everything was so gorgeous!

(This clutch is calling my name, it's so stunning)

And the Mr.Price store was seriously cool, I love what they've done! And the selection of clothes were amazing!

My mother happened to buy the MOST amazing bag that I am absolutely in love with from Zara:

And two pairs of lovely shoes that are to die for:

And I grabbed an adorable Tee that is such a lovely colour:

(LOVE the skirt detail) 

And Mr. Price didn't disappoint either, the new Amber Jones collection is AMAZING, I grabbed a cardi and dress that I fell in love with! 

The cardigan and dress were so reasonably priced for such lovely items!! 

Have a lovely week everyone!! 


  1. you lucky girl!! how i wish i was in joburg.

  2. i dont know mr price but your new clothes look nice :)
    zara always has fabulous things


    by the way : i have a sheyna jewelry giveaway on my blog right now :)

  3. Awwwww Nikki I HATE YOU!!!!!!
    Just kidding :)
    So jealous!
    ZARA looks amazing... And that clutch is SCREAMING BUY ME! BUY ME! Lol :)
    The Amber Jones collection is only going to be released in a few weeks in Cape Town and I can't wait.
    LOVE everything you picked up!

  4. I don't have a Zara in my city, but your purchases make me wish I did !!! x

  5. Totally head over heels for that tee! So incredibly girly and overall perfect ;)

    triangle necklace giveaway

  6. I'm a Zara addict, wear something from Zara almost every day :) Great purchases :)

    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  7. Wow never heard of Mr Price, but Zara looks amazing!! I really love their stuff, I like the t-shirt you bought too, really cute xx

  8. those white brogues are sick! xx

  9. oh dearr that salmon cardigan is so sweet!!! love it!!!

    xx, rachel <3<3

  10. That clutch is calling my mane to lol x


  11. Love your purchases! I went to Mr P yesterday but that shop wasn't stocking the Amber Jones collection. How sad!


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