New In-Haul

Once again Mr.Price has produced some lovely items which I just had to get my hands on. This white shirt in particular has instantly become one of my favourites, the boy look is amazing, and the cropped front is great!

I love the bow detail on this shirt, it's so pretty and the dusty pink colour is stunning! 
(Eeek sorry about how creased they are, I just unpacked them from their packet)

I can't wait to wear this beauty of a hat, although I would wear it in summer, I picture it more as an Autumn and Winter hat because of the gorgeous colours!

I went a bit leopard print mad with these two pairs of fantastic shoes, the espadrilles are so comfy:)

And finally how lovely are these bags? The details on all of them are so sweet and the colours are versatile and wonderful.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!


  1. In LOVE with those bags! I want them right now!!!
    Going to Mr P after work after seeing your gorgeous haul! :)

  2. Haha Laiqah, I know! They have some gorgeous bags in lately, still lusting after your gorgeous one!!:) Xx

  3. I saw those items recently too! I went into Mr Price with my sister (she wanted to buy something) and I picked up 2 really nice items. I must admit, the last time I went to Mr Price was over a year ago :/

  4. i love the flats :) great choices!

  5. Thanks also for your visit too on my blog!**)
    Greats itens, beautiful bags!!**)

    Kisses **)

  6. Love that bow-print blouse, it´s so lovely!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls


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