Simple Summery Outfits

 Shorts & Pumps- Mr.Price/ Top- YDE/ Hat- Woolworths
So now that summer is slowly drawing to a close, I suddenly feel the urge to hurriedly wear all my summer outfits that I haven't worn yet. This outfit being one of them! I'm not normally a 'hat' person, (although I do love berets and beanies) but this lovely one immediately caught my eye when I saw it in the shops late last year. I haven't found the perfect 'look' that I wanted to wear it with, that is until I saw the lovely top. The lace detail on the top seemed to match the lace effect of the hat and the colours coincided beautifully. A simple but summery outfit:) 

I also decided to wear a new shade of nail polish that I absolutely adore. I love pastels anywhere, and my nails are no exception. This one is called 'Milkshake' from Woolworths. And I love it!
Have a lovely week everyone!! 


  1. gorgggeous outfit!!! :)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  2. Such a pretty colour nail polish! :) How do the Woolworths polishes apply?

    1. Ah Thank you :) I find they're quite easy to apply, but two coats are definitely a must! Xx

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love everything!! The top is simply adorable and I also love your shorts!! Following you on Bloglovin:)

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  4. So pretty! Love this whole look, especially love the nail polish! Perfect color!

    PS. We've a GIVEAWAY to Number A! Check it out if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC!


  5. you look so pretty :) LOVE that nail color!


  6. this is so cute! ahh i'm exactly the same, i want summer to be here so i much i just wanna wear my summery things :P love it:)xxx

  7. Love your hat!!!
    The colour of your nail polish is amazing, I want it too! Not sure I have seen many milkshakes that colour though!

  8. You look as sweet as candy! So adorable. :) I love how you've combined all the pastel palettes - it's so fresh and effeminate!

    <3 Mandy xx

  9. love your hair. and i so envy you for your great weather. can't wait till it's finally warmer in vienna.


  10. this is such a sweet outfit, and love the hat on you! so cute :)

    bridgid x

  11. love that dress on you! you always look so lovely! and that hat is so cute on you! i feel like you can pull anything off =)

  12. You are beautiful! Perfect! Following Your blog...and You? ;-)

  13. LOVE Woolies's nailpolish... such a win I have quite a few of them :)
    Also sad summer is drawing to a close, but happy for the warm days we still have..
    Beautiful outfit! xx

  14. Young lady. Now that's a great pair of legs.

  15. Oooh, love this summery outfit! In the States, our summer has yet to come, aha, so I'm just dying to bust out all my summer clothes.
    Adore that dress and your hat! So very pretty <3
    Count me as your newest follower :)
    Follow me back?

    PS: Don't miss out on the giveaway at my blog!

  16. your hair is amazing xxx

  17. this style looks really girlie - and i like, it looks so clean <3
    x the cookies

  18. You look great girl! Love your hair!
    Amazing style and blog, keep posting!

    Please check out my latest look!

  19. Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to leave all your lovely comments:) XX

  20. You have such beautiful hair and sense of fashion xx

  21. You look so beautiful and I LOVE that outfit!

  22. Beautiful - I'm in love with this outfit! =)


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