Plaid and Frays

 Shirt-Shorts-Pumps-Mr.Price/Rings- Mr.Price/Bag-Gucci
I think a plaid shirt should have a place in everyone's closet! It's the perfect, laid back shirt to wear and I just love how easily it goes with denim shorts to create a great summer look! This one is a particular favourite of mine, due to the studs on the shoulder (obviously haha). I wore it with my frayed denim shorts, Gucci bag and pointed flats. I loved the addition of brown, it seems to go perfectly with the red and blues in the outfit. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!! 


  1. You always look so cute! Love this look :) x

  2. A plaid shirt is an essential to every wardrobe, I totally agree - I love the stud detail on yours! And your hair looks so pretty here, as always :) Hope you had a great weekend, Nikki!

  3. I love your makeup today, you look stunning! xxx

  4. You always look so great Nikki! <3
    Hope you have a wonderful week xxx

  5. So cute! I SO wish I could be wearing shorts right now! Lucky girl! Also, I love the tote. Is it vintage?


  6. loved this outfit!! =`)


  7. Love your style (and hair !!!)


  8. I agree! Plaid shirts are a must, love the studs on the shoulders they add a fun touch to yours!

    Cee. ♥

  9. Oh!! I'm so jealous of the weather! It's snowing in my hometown :(
    This look is beatiful, Nikki! Love the plaid shirt and denim shorts combo! So comfortable and stylish!

    xx Tatiana


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