Ombre Knit

 Knit and Necklace-Mr.Price/Bag-Zara/Shoes-Isabel Marant
This knit is the perfect cosy pullover for any wintery day! I'm
 in love with the colours, they fade into an almost 'ombre' effect which I adore, and the slouchy feel of the knit provides instant comfort and warmth :) I paired it with my large Zara bag and Dicker boots, and this lovely necklace with pearl and jewel detail. 
 I was also so excited to find out that I was chosen on Teen Vogue's website as reader look of the day, you can check it out HERE  if you'd like :) 

Have a great day everyone!! 



  1. Oh my god, I neeeed to have that sweater!! It looks so gorgeous! :)

    Love, Marie from

  2. Love the sweater <3 <3 And congrats on getting featured!!

  3. love your sweater and so cool you are on teen vogue!!

  4. Love all the colours in your jumper, very nice!

  5. damn you look gorgeous! love that sweater!

  6. I love this outfit! The jumper is so beautiful! Maybe we could follow eachother?xo

  7. ooh i love your sweater! sadly ive never heard of mr.price :(

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  8. What an adorable sweater, the colour combination is just perfect! ANd of course everything goes with that beautiful bag :) Congratulations on being the Teen Vogue Reader of the Day, Nikki, it's well deserved :)


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