Navy Striped Peplum

Jacket, Shorts, Pumps-Mr.Price/Bag-Givenchy
The weather today is cold and dreary, so I thought I would post this outfit from a few days ago when the sun was out in full force :) I adore this navy striped peplum jacket, I saw a similar one in Zara but didn't grab it in time before it sold out. So when this one popped up in Mr.Price, I was ecstatic! I love the subtle peplum fit, and it goes perfectly with the darker denim and my navy ankle strapped shoes. 

 Have a lovely week everyone!! 


  1. love your bag!!! kisses

  2. I always love seeing you start to break out summer outfits just as we're moving into winter where I live - it gives me hope that the sun and warmth will come along again :) I love the crochet detail on your shorts and your hair is always so gorgeous!

  3. Such a super cute look ! I haven't worn stripes since the summer. Is it not hot yet in Joburg? I assumed it would be boiling by now. Over here it's getting cold even though in the mornings it's still sunny.


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