Skort and Sweater-Country Road/Booties-Zara/Necklace-Woolworths
It's been a bit rainy and gloomy in Joburg this past week, so an outfit like this was definitely necessary- longer sleeves are a must for when the weather gets chilly later in the day! 
I love this sweater- it's simple yet still stands out against the white skort and black booties! Talking about the skort... I love that it has a slight 'leather' look in reality- it has a subtle sheen to it which is a cool surprise when you notice it!

  Have a lovely week everyone!! 


  1. I absolutely love those skorts and I wish I could pull them off but no matter what I do, I just look super duper short and stumpy in them! You on the other hand, look so gorgeous! :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    1. Ah thank you so much Phoebe! I'm sure you look amazing in them too! :) X

  2. Cute outfit, love your sweater and the shoes!! :)

    Love, Marie

    Finding Django

  3. Gorgeous as always! Love, love, love this outfit. So cute! You look uber pretty :).


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