Overalls and Tweed

 Overalls-Mr.Price/Tweed Jacket-Zara/Sneakers-Legit 
This outfit was a bit out of my comfort zone, I've seen so many people wearing trainers with all kinds of outfits, so I bit the bullet and purchased a pair of black and pink sneakers. I decided to pair them with something a bit more fun and casual in the form of my denim overalls and finished it off with a more 'mature' tweed coat.
 It took some getting used to,  but I can see why so many people have taken to this trend- they're so comfortable and are a statement all on their own. I like that this particular pair are a tad more 'girly' because of the colours, and they went perfectly with the colour of my coat! 
Now all I need are a pair of black and white Nikes or Adidas and I'll be one happy girl! :)
 Rimmel- Space Dust Aurora 

Have a lovely day everyone!! 


  1. You look so lovely, the coat is amazing on you.

    Jess x


  2. Stunning look, love this coat. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. oh, I'm in love with your pink jacket!


  4. OBSESSED with your baggy overalls! And that pink coat is STUNNNNING!
    xoBeckerman Girls


  5. this is such an interesting mix, but once again you pull off something unconventional well! love the pops of pink! :)

    Metallic Paws Giveaway up on my blog!


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