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SKIP - Three Word Wardrobe Campaign

When I was recently contacted to take part in the Skip ‘Three Word Wardrobe’ project, I was both excited and intrigued. It’s widely thought that clothing expresses emotion, and the thought that we dress according to mood appealed to me.

I knew that many colours emote a certain feeling, for example; we often associate pink with love, white with purity etc. So when I put this to the test, I wasn’t surprised to find that I chose my outfits based on what mood I happened to be in on that particular day.

I learnt that throughout the 30 day challenge, the days that I felt cheerful and happy were the days I chose to wear bright and cheerful colours such as pink and 
peach etc.

 Similarly, on the days where I felt tired, cozy, or simply ‘casual’ I would choose darker colours such as black, greys and browns.

Brown, Wool, Warm #threewordwardrobe

There were also days, where I was feeling ‘brave’, or ‘courageous’- these were the days where I chose bold, bright and strong colours such as green, or strong fabrics such as denim.
Blue,Denim,courageous #threewordwardrobe

Green, Cotton, Wild #threewordwardrobe

I think it’s no secret, that clothing choices are largely based on emotions- put simply- we dress the way we feel. I now know that I am no exception, clothing, and especially the colour I wore related to my mood each and every day! 

SKIP want you to be a part of the #threewordwardrobe campaign, all you have to do is create a profile  upload your outfit pictures and give your #threewordwardrobe description of the fabric, colour and how you felt on that particular day! 

It's an awesome way to gather inspiration from outfit uploads from bloggers and other women, and compose a moodboard consisting of outfit inspirations from all genres! You can see all my uploads HERE
And don't forget to create your own profile and upload your outfit pictures! 

Have a wonderful day everyone!! 


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