Beauty Saturday- {Favourite Red Lip Colours}

 Every girl needs one shade of red lip colour that she can fall back on again and again! It instantly adds that feeling of elegance and can give your confidence a boost whenever you apply it. For me, I like the subtle shade that can be worn day and night, I find the lighter red suits my skin tone much better than a darker shade. Here are a few of my must have red lip colours: 

1-Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Cherry Me (I love that it's a lip balm, so it moisturises your lips but still adds a slight gloss of red) 

2- (L-R) Revlon matte balm in Striking Spectaculaire, Revlon Just Bitten- Romantic, Revlon Matte Balm in Stand Out Remarquable (my go-to lip stains, I absolutely adore these shades and how opaque that are!)

3-Rimmel Apocalips- Rosetta (This is a much darker, striking colour in comparison to the others, but it lasts all day!) 

4- Labello Glamorous gloss- Red Ruby (another lip balm/gloss that gives off a sheer red tone and keeps your lips soft and moisturised!) 

5- Essence Almost Famous- (this lipstick is SO soft, and has a subtle sheen combined with a lighter red shade, it's perfect for everyday wear) 

6- Revlon Lip Butter- Candy Apple (I love that this lip butter is easy to apply, it glides on easily and gives off a light shine, and it's super moisturising too!) 

7- Rimmel Kate Moss Rosetto - (My final go to red lipstick has an undertone of coral/orange- which is lovely for Summer, it's not as intense as the Apocalips but it definitely stays in place during everyday happenings, including eating and drinking, which is definitely a plus in my eyes!) 

 Have a great day everyone!! 


  1. I have the Baby Lips which I use every day, ave the Apocalips and the Revlon matte balm as well and love them !!!!

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    1. The Baby lips are amazing! Love the matte balms too- they're definitely my favourite:) X

  2. I love red lips so I like your post :D

  3. The revlon lip butters are amazing.

    Jess x

  4. I agree every girl need them - great post

  5. I love red lipsticks too! :)
    I wanted one from MAC!
    Have a nice day dear!

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