Blush Pink T-shirt Dress

T-shirt Dress-Mr.Price//Sneakers-Adidas
It seems that every season, there's one piece of clothing that I fall completely in love with! I fall head over heels, and find the need to buy it in every colour, shape and style. This season it happens to be the 't-shirt dress'. 
This comfortable, easy going style is my go to for this Spring/Summer- there's something so alluring about the casual vibe it gives off, and I absolutely love how comfortable they are.

When I spotted this blush pink one in store, I grabbed it instantly (along with the white version too) and I knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with my bronze capped sneakers. It's definitely one of my favourite outfits to date! 

Have a great day everyone!! 


  1. Love it, you look gorgeous! The colour is great on you xx

    Fashion Tale

  2. Wow! Amazing! You're so gorgeous :) ♥

  3. love it<3


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