Safari Jacket & Black and White Canvas Céline

Today I'm debuting my new baby, this gorgeous black and white canvas Céline. 
I was graciously gifted this from my mom- and I couldn't love it more! It's absolutely stunning, and such a great piece to own! 
For this look, I decided to create a neutral tone with this lovely khaki/safari jacket and a simple black t-shirt dress, finished off with these amazing tan sandals- they're my favourite from this season!


  Have a lovely day everyone! 


  1. that coat looks so gorgeous on you!

  2. Perfect! So pretty!

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  3. Perfect outfit!! ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  4. Love the safari jacket with the slides
    such a great look

    Garland Girl


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