{30.11.15} Burgundy Dress and Lace Up Sandals

I wore this gorgeous burgundy dress out to celebrate my parents' anniversary. 
It's absolutely stunning, and such a piercing, vibrant colour! 
I decided to pair it with these black lace up wedges, and my Louis Vuitton speedy (complete with these adorable pom pom's) 
I love how this outfit turned out, it has a romantic, bohemian vibe which I adore, and the sunset lighting also adds to the almost 'ethereal' feel that seemed to emanate from the dress. 
I wore the exact same black dress for the H&M opening which you can find here... 
Which colour do you prefer? 

Have a wonderful day everyone!! 


  1. Amazing outfit!
    I love this dress!

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents!
    The dress looks cute on you and you can never go wrong with lace up shoes!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    1. Thank you so much Stella!! I agree they're so stunning:) X


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