{4.5.16} Wonder Woman

How cool is this t-shirt? 
I LOVE it! I was casually wandering around H&M when I saw it hanging in the sale section, and at a price I couldn't resist. I think it's made itself quite comfortable in my closet, and with good reason too...it's such a versatile, fun piece to wear! I decided to pair it with some ripped skinnies, and a denim shirt tied loosely around my waist. I finished off this outfit with my Nike Roshe runs, which are super comfortable! I highly recommend them :) 
What do you think of this tee?

Have a great day everyone!! 


  1. Hello!

    I'm also a blogger. I blog about art/lifestyle and diy mostly. I was searching for beautiful style blogs that I enjoy so that I can expand my blog community. <3

    I'm looking for any blog-community building advice you could offer as well! I think it's more tough when one has their own domain; it's standalone from the community. I've heard of bloggers promoting content through blog listings like bloglovin', as well as sites where you can earn promotional opportunities for having good content content like Advowire (https://advowire.com//users/profile/new?referral_code=AW36707). Do you use any of these sites to promote content or to collaborate with other bloggers? Do you know of other sites/resources you'd like to recommend?

    Thank you so much for reading! Hope to hear from you. xox

    1. Hey Amber,
      Thank you for your comment! I only use Bloglovin' and find that it's so easy to use! I would definitely recommend it.
      Besides that, I only use social media networks, such as Instagram...Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but I hope that you find more advice to help you grow your blog community. Xx


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