{11.7.16} Customised Denim and Hunter Boots

The past few months, I've been obsessed with badges and patches.
I seem to zero in on them whenever I'm in a store, but can you blame me?
I bought a ton of badges and patches whilst looking through Cotton On and Mr.Price, and I couldn't wait to get home and customise my own denim jacket (from the men's section no less haha). 
I loved the finished result, and I've even set a day to go and grab some more to make my jacket just a little more 'bedazzled'. :) 
For this look, I threw the jacket over my shoulders, and wore a cobalt blue Isabel Marant knit, navy corduroy skirt and my Hunter Boots. 
What do you think of badges and patches. 

Jacket- Mr.Price
Boots- Hunter
Knit- Isabel Marant 

Have a great day everyone!! 



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