{Thursday Treats} Get To Know Me: 10 Questions Tag

Hello everyone, since I've had my blog I've never really done any tags or questions about me. So I thought there's no time like the present, and finally decided to do one! 
Let me know any other questions you'd like to know:) 

1. What's Your Nickname? 
2. Your Eye Colour? 
3. Your hair Colour? 
4. One Fact About You? 
I'm extremely shy! I hate the fact that when you're shy, people automatically think you're rude or arrogant, or even dumb. That's not the case, I'm just really quiet and shy..haha:)  
5. Favourite Colour? 
Ooh that's a tough one, I love light pink and baby blue. But when it comes to clothes...black! 
6. Favourite Place?
7. Favourite celebrity? 
Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton...I love their movies! 
8. Favourite Animal? 
This is literally too hard to answer! I'm a huge animal lover, so I can't choose!
9. Favourite Song? 
At the moment, I love anything James Bay sings. I also love 'Be as you are' by Mike Posner. 
10. Favourite Book? 
Another tough one!! I can't choose any particular one, but I love the Harry Potter series (of course), The Book Thief.. and so many more haha!!

Let me know any more questions/facts you'd like to know! 

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Love that you did this Nikki! Such a great post Xx


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