{29.8.16} Biker Jacket and Layered Knit

This gorgeous '2 piece' knit has been in my closet for two winters already, and without fail I tend to reach for it every year. I absolutely love the fact that it's already connected to the white blouse. It makes getting dressed so much easier, and it's really warm too. 
For this very simple, monochromatic outfit, I decided to wear it with my plain black skinny jeans, some black loafers (absolutely love the nod to Gucci!!!) and this amazing biker jacket. 
I've also had the jacket for a couple of years, but I've only recently rediscovered my love for it! You just can't go wrong with a classic black jacket, it's a closet staple! 
What do you think of this look?

Have an awesome day everyone!! 



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