{19.9.16} 90's Kid

Lately I've being seeing the revival of all the clothes I used to wear in the 90's as a child.
Big oversized sweaters, with slouchy shoulders. Extra large denim jackets, and platform sneakers...it seems the old sentiment that fashion goes around in circles is true!
I think that's probably the reason I fell in love with this amazing sweater. 
There's something about it, that I can't quite put my finger on, that reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger. 
I absolutely adore how big it is, and the fact that it's cropped makes it perfect for summer. 
For this look, I paired it with my One Teaspoon denim shorts, and my white Nikes- which I think completed the whole '90's' vibe perfectly. 
What do you think of this sweater? 

Have a lovely day everyone!! 


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