{9.9.16} Girl Gang Bomber

This is one of my favourite bomber jackets! 
I'm obsessed with the slogan at the back, I think it's such a great saying for girls nowadays. Instead of competing against one another, we should all support and build each other up. Girl gang all the way!:) 
For this look, I paired it with some loose fitting boyfriend jeans, and my speckled Nike Roshe Runs. 
I absolutely adore these sneakers, I think they make a statement all by themselves. 
What do you think of this bomber jacket? 

Bomber- Mr. Price
Sneakers- Nike 
Have a great day everyone!! 



  1. Looking cool and cute love the look.
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  2. I love your entire collection of sneakers and bombers. This is so cute and you are very right. It's time for us women to compete less and support one another more.

    1. Aww thanks so much Chenai!! <3 I definitely agree!! X


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