{Weekend Wonders} New In: Moonstone Ring

When I was contacted by the lovely people over at MoonStone Jewellery asking to send me one of their pieces, I was ecstatic. 
I'm completely obsessed with rings, so I knew that one of their pieces would fit perfectly with my style. They also sell earrings, necklaces and bracelets...but a ring was calling my name! 
I immediately fell in love with this gorgeous Signet ring there was something so boho about it, yet it still looks so elegant and beautiful. 
I absolutely love the intricate detailing around the stone, which is shaped like elaborate Roman jewellery. 
Moonstone is typically associated with love, wealth, wisdom and victory. It's an important stone in Ancient Rome, as well as thought to be brought in by the tides every 21 years in Asia. You can find this ring HERE
I'm in love!!! 
What do you think of this ring?

Have a great day everyone!! 



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