{12.10.16} Striped Peplum and Boyfriend Jeans

When it's hot, the last thing you feel like reaching for is a pair of tight skinny jeans...well, at least I do anyway! 
That's why when choosing an outfit the other day, the first thing on my mind was comfort and these boyfriend jeans did the job perfectly. 
I happened to grab them when my mother was spring cleaning her cupboard, and boy am I glad I did! 
They have fast become a favourite of mine and I find myself constantly opting to wear them on days when I just want to be relaxed. 
For this outfit, I decided to wear them with a striped, loose fitting peplum top, and some cream espadrilles. 
I absolutely adore the finished look!! 
What do you wear on warmer days?

Jeans- Zara (old)
Top- Mr. Price
Bag- Gucci 

Have a great day everyone! 


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