{22.2.17} Velvet Bomber

 This gorgeous velvet bomber  is such a great addition to any wardrobe.
There has definitely be a rise in the popularity of velvet lately, in fact I'm sure you'll find at least one velvet item in any clothing store! 
I love the fact that even though velvet can give off a 'luxe' effect, this bomber is still casual and sporty enough to wear with any outfit. 
I decided to pair it with my ripped skinny jeans, and some plain black Converse to finish off that 'sporty' vibe I was going for. 
There's no doubt that this outfit is the ultimate simple outfit! 
What do you think of velvet?

Bomber - Shein - HERE
Sneakers - Converse 

Have a great day everyone!! 


  1. Fantastic post, I very like your jacket :)

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  2. Really cool

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  3. Cute! looks like a really comfy outfit :)

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