{10.3.17} All White

I love an all white outfit!! 
There's just something so effortless about it!  I think that's why I gravitated to this look, I was in the mood for something casual (as always) and this outfit sprang to mind. 
I love the trumpet style skirt, and the fact that it's denim is definitely a positive. I paired it with this lovely white t-shirt (it's the softest thing ever!) with the subtle hint of my white embroidered bralette peeking through, and finished off with my white Converse. 
I adore this casual outfit! 
What do you think of an all white outfit?

Skirt - Mr. Price
Sneakers- Converse 
T-shirt- H&M 

Have a great day everyone!! 


  1. Great white combination, I love this colour, you look fantastic :)

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  2. I love the all white! Normally, I'm more of an all-black kind of girl but the all white would be really cute for spring and summer.

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  3. All white everything babe! Lovely

    Stephanie | www.stephykeung.com

  4. Lovely! What a nice white dress she had wear in this image.lulus coupon


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