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As the new season approaches (yay Spring!!) I've suddenly felt the urge to spruce up my working space and give it an update. I feel as though there's nothing better to feel inspired than starting anew. 
As a blogger, as well as a student, I often spend hours at my desk. 
So, my workspace is vital for my 'headspace'. 
Lately I've been keeping little 'wish lists' stowed away in my Inspiration folder, and I thought it would be good to share them with you. One of my favourite online sites to visit is Superbalist, they have some pretty awesome Decor pieces, Desks & Tables and their Gifting & Stationery is super cute too!  

1- Big Plans Notebook - HERE 
I love notebooks for jotting down ideas and plans. They're also pretty great for writing down to- do lists and assignment drafts.

2- Gold Candle - HERE 
Candles are great at creating a calming mood (perfect for studying and creating blog posts). 

3 - Rose Gold Clock - HERE
How pretty is this clock? Obviously when you're spending hours at your desk, keeping track of time is a must! What better way to do that, than with this gorgeous clock? 

4 - Magazine Rack House - HERE
I own tonnes of magazines...the perks of being a fashion blogger haha! 
Keeping them neat is tough at times, so this rack is perfect for storing them. 

5 - Files - HERE
Binders are a no-brainer for studying and keeping important documents. How pretty are these pastel colored ones? 

6 - Pom Pom Storage Basket - HERE
Basket bags have been all the rage lately. But how adorable is this storage basket? SO cute. I think it would lovely in my office. 

7-  White Trinket Tray - HERE
This tray is perfect for holding little trinkets. 

8 - Rose Gold Reindeer Ring Holder - HERE
I have lots of rings. It's safe to say I'm obsessed. So this little reindeer ring holder is essential for me. It's also super cute. 

9 - Lantern - HERE 
I think this lantern is absolutely beautiful. Picture it with a soft candle burning in it, and it's perfect for the early evening brainstorm session. 
10 - Marble Table - HERE 
I think these little marble tables are perfect for storing books, magazines and trinkets. Love it! 

11 - Paris Skyline Print - HERE
After visiting Paris, I'm absolutely in awe of the city. This print will fit perfectly in my workspace. It will also remind me of the the beautiful city itself. 

12 - Gold Scatter Cushion - HERE 
Being comfortable while working is a MUST. Doing it with a pretty cushion is definitely an advantage :) 

13 - Marble Copper Side Table - HERE
Another side table. I just can't get enough! 
14 - Round Rug - HERE 
And finally, a rug. I've been loving the beachy trend lately. Straw bags and hats, and now this gorgeous straw rug. It's perfect for creating a little  bit of  that 'holiday vibe' in your workspace. 

You can find all of these gorgeous pieces HERE and HERE
If you sign up to the Superbalist App, you'll also get a pretty awesome R250 discount code for first time buyers (What?!?!?) :) 

What is your essential for your workspace? 

Have a lovely day everyone!! 


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